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Internet Setup!

The Internet is a gigantic source of information as well as a cost effective way to communicate with others and have a presents for making yourself or your products known.

If you would like to use the internet you will need an account with an ISP. These accounts range from free dial in accounts, where you pay for a local call for the connection to a prepaid account where you pay a monthly fee and get a certain amount of calls free. Broadband accounts such as ADSL where you pay a monthly fee and nothing for the connection are available too.

Which account to choose is mainly dependent on when and how you plan to use it. We can help you with finding the most cost effective account and ISP for you and set it up for you. If you are new to this technology we are more than happy to guide you on your first steps into this amazing medium.

We can install and configure a range of internet clients for windows and linux systems. Training in using them is also available.

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