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Have you bought a new PC and and don't know what to do with the old one?

Why not network them and use both?! - It is easier and cheaper than you think.

When a second PC comes into the home or office there are several advantages to connecting the PCs together with a small network. Whilst running cables around the office or home may not seem very attractive at first glance, the idea of sharing a printer between two or more PCs or sharing internet access across a group of PCs may seem a little more sensible. If cables are an absolute No-No, we also build wireless networks, which require no cables to be laid and therefore no drilling and no mess.

At home it opens up multi-player gaming, which really makes some games come to life with much less predictable opposition than computers. Of course, it also allows the sharing of printers and an internet connection, which may help prevent arguments!

In a business environment it makes a lot of sense to be able to transfer files without the use of floppy disks or CD-Rs. It also allows everyone to access one printer rather than each user having a printer each.

To put a network together, each PC will need a network interface card. If you want to network more than two PCs you will also need a hub with as many port as computers you want to connect together.

We provide everything you will need to achieve that and install it for you quick and tidy and at a very competitive price.

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