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Virus Scanners!

It is very important that your computer is free of viruses.

Viruses can be from a harmless program that annoys you with displaying some silly message to a program that reads your personal data and sends it to somebody else. It could also break your computer or delete everything on it. Most viruses are email based and will send mails to everyone in your address book and thereby spreading itself further. People with virus scanners receiving these emails from you will not be happy and tell you about it, but people without won't even know about it until it is to late and they themselves infecting others. Once they find out it was you infecting them in the first place they will not be happy!

To avoid these problems your computer has to be secured by software that detects these trojans and viruses and deactivates them immediately. It should also delete them and of course tell you about them.

We install the latest virus scanners and will train you in using them.

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